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pocketsizedpower's 2019 plans

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

1. Summer Launch Party 

Come celebrate the POCKETSIZEDPOWER Launch Party this summer in London. Your favourite speakers, performers, influencer's and peers coming together for an evening of fun, food and networking. We will be showcasing some exclusive products and features of the brand - not to be missed! Details will be released as the months go on so follow our social media accounts to stay updated. What is confirmed, however, is that it will be the best event of the summer.

2. Product Release

Electronic empowerment just isn't enough sometimes. We need the physical stuff. If the blogs, affirmations or social media has helped you even the smallest bit, then wearing, reading, even drinking POCKETSIZEDPOWER will come as a joy. 



This page will be updated with more thrilling features sooner than you think.

For now, some things are better left unsaid...

How To Get Out of the Rut

"Our greatest glory in life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" - Confucius, Philosopher

1. Get a change of scenery. Switch up your routine: take a different route to work, book a room away for a night, revise in your garden instead of at your desk, go and explore that place you've been meaning to go to for three years. A different environment will leave you refreshed.

2. Health is wealth. Fruits and vegetables, remember those? Make them your best friends. Fruits, nuts, and green, leafy vegetables are pretty much the trinity of health to me. Research some vitamins and don't afraid to take a trip to the GP. Health is wealth and you cant afford to be cheap. Click here for some more healthy food ideas!

3. Drown in optimism. Negativity is paralyzing. Change your "I can't'" complaints to "I can and I will" and do it now!

4. Laughter is the best medicine. A cackle a day keeps the negativity away.Netflix, Youtube and an array of other websites, have comedies and comedians that offer side-spitting comedy. Find your humour-hub and propser.

5. Self care is not selfish.  Turn off your phone. Do something, anything (within means), to block out the outside world just once a week. Look after yourself.  You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take time to rejuvenate!

6. Get to know Gratitude. You have survived every bad day so far, even if you barely got through. You are here, and here for a reason. This too shall pass.

7. Visualize and Vocalize. Your goals? Write. Them. Down. By vocalize I do not mean shout from the rooftops as we all know evil eye is real and there is always someone hoping for your downfall. Instead remind yourself. Have your targets in your notes, or as your home-screen (not lock-screen). Get to know your goals, the motivation will come later. 

Assess and apply these tips and, with time, you'll look back and laugh at your current challenges.

The Art of Being Yourself - TedTalk - Caroline Mchugh

Reflection Quiz

  1. What were the 3 best things that happened over the last year?​

  2. What have you achieved/what are you most proud of?​

  3. What have been your top 3 biggest realisations/lessons?​

  4. How have you grown?​

  5. What do you want to let go of? 

  6. Describe 2017 in 3 words?​

  7. What are you most grateful for from this year?​

  8. What are 4 words to best describe how you want to feel in 2018? 

  9. What are 1-3 health,career, financial, self-development goals you would like to achieve in 2018?​

Answer these questions. Write your answers down somewhere safe. Keep them in mind and remember, actions speak the loudest.