The Best Year of Our Lives

Every year we get a chance. A chance to do better. A chance to be better. Your past is your past. You need to leave it there and start living in the now. This is going to be the best year of your life so far.

In preparation for 2019, I dedicated the last few months to replenishing my life and disassociating myself from all things that could serve as a distraction to my progression. Seeds were planted throughout 2018 and I nurtured them constantly. I sacrificed, I isolated myself. I strengthened my relationship with myself and removed all attachments to the material items that at one stage provided me with validation, the same validation that I now find within.

Tomorrow will be better and if it is not, I will say it again.

Last year was as long as it was fleeting. As wonderful as it was painful. As confusing as it made sense. A weird one. Now, you must honour every version of yourself, particularly the person you used to be. That version allowed you to step into the power you have now. This year do more of everything that puts fire in your soul and peace in your heart. That is how you honour the person you will be.

REMINDER: Your life is truly art. Pick and choose everything you allow into your space wisely. It's your life, your masterpiece, and no one has to "get it" but you. It is creative living and you are crafting the greatest show on earth.

2018 was the last year I hide in mediocrity or dwindle my thumbs in delay.

2019 is the first year I focus solely on my purpose, my passions and my happiness. Anything that doesn’t add to my peace of mind, I release.

2019 is turning pain into power.

So with that, I leave you. To go forth with pride. Pick up resilience and passion on the way.

This is a year of rediscovery, peace and joy. This is the best year of our lives.

8 things I learned in 2018.

Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who work.

You cannot run from your purpose.

Gratitude is riches and complaint is poverty.

Kindness is a goal in itself.

Honesty is freedom. You heal when you reveal.

Life is not what you own but what you have.

Pettiness and greatness can never occupy the same space.

This world is far too expansive for self-imposed limits.

9 simple rules for 2019.

Do not let perfection paralyse you.

Stand in your own grandeur, let people rise to meet you.

Create the opportunities you are wishing for.

Be led by joy, not fear.

Let your emotions be your guide, but not your identity.

If you are procrastinating you are openly watching your future fold. Stop.

Most people don't really want to win they just want to be known as winners. Do not become obsessed with your image.

Put your dreams into conversation. Speak them into existence.

Thank your Creator eternally.

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