The Art of Moving On

Wow. Are you seeing how fast these years are passing? You better stop playing with your life. You better stop dwelling on things you cannot change. You better start moving on.

As I write this post it is summer but it is raining, heavily. The seasons are merging and the weather is confusing. Some parts of nature are growing, others are waning, dying. Life is feeling as disordered. We have become accustomed to relying on the heat and the sun to bring us our lively energy to ‘live our best lives’. Now, without it, what is our source of resilient?

Ya damn self.

September brings a sense of renewal, an air of regeneration. Many are entering new academic ventures, experiencing new beginnings and we all feel ready to re-focus and re-align. These last four months of the year must be productive and it is now up to you to lay the foundations for 2019. Combat the autumnal slump by reconciling with the faults of the year in order to move tranquilly into the future.

I lost my grandfather last month and my life was unearthed. Grieving feels like gliding on an ocean of happiness I cannot baptise myself in. But I am constantly making it a habit to check in with my thoughts. To observe. To mull over them objectively. To simply see where I have been, where I am at and, where I know I will be. I know these feelings will pass and I have faith in the future. I know moving on is the best possible choice.

If you do not heal from what hurt you, you will bleed on people who did not cut you.

If not for your own sake, move on for the sake of others! It is taxing for your friends and family watching you repeat unhealthy cycles and it is time to put that right. When you seek help, seek real help; not a counsellor rolled up, or a therapist in a bottle.

You cannot solely rely on external sources of motivation, support or help. Ask for help and open up, but always know that if your mind is not centred on the next step, you will stay static. You have no shot of winning the next battle if you’re still dwindling on about the last set-back. Stay winning.

Some experiences are seasonal that is OK. Balance and building boundaries as we move through life is so important. Find your peace and then protect it by all means. Stepping back from certain people, places, and things is a part of the process sometimes. make room for yourself. You are worthy too.

Once you reach a place of serenity...

Our trials become our triumphs.

Our tests become our testimony.

Our messes become our message.

Summer to autumn. The seasons are changing and so are our lives. Three months of the year left; move on and make them count.

Make each day your masterpiece and master the art of moving on.

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