Home is Where the Heart is?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

A piece on crime, displacement, shelter and charity.

Home is where the heart is. But where is the heart for the homeless?

How often do you sift through your wardrobe and complain that you have no clothes?

After having my flat burgled I officially have NO CLOTHES. No trainers, no jeans, no heels, no dresses, no jackets - nothing. For me, as long as I have my life and my safety, material possessions mean absolutely nothing. What’s a Yeezy in comparison to another day on earth?

After ransacking my kitchen utensils, the ONE thing they left me was my Pocket Sized Power mug. Undoubtedly, this is symbolic. Like a light in a mirage of darkness, remembering what I stand for and what I aim to bring to the world has inspired me to turn my nothings into something’s.

They took my clothes, they took my business equipment. Heck, they even took the washing machine! I felt utterly violated. Now, I welcome change, despite how it came, and I am excited for positive new beginnings.

But I have been so fortunate. The support of my family and friends have kept a roof over my head - a story unlike thousands of young people across the country.

So, friends, in honour of this relative privilege I leave with a lasting note:

I am re-launching my store on Saturday the 5th of September with 50% of ALL profits going to DePaulUK - a homeless charity for young people. The numbness of losing my possessions put into perspective the constant limbo that people without stable homes experience.

Let’s pass the re-wire the power back into our communities.

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