The Season of Self

September. The season of self. Sounds sweet, right? But a week in, has the "new month new energy" mantra dried up?

There are 115 days of the decade left.

Read that again because clearly it didn't sink in.

We live in a world inherently set up to distract us, especially in this generation. Whether we are focusing on a moral panic to ignore a political issue, or gorging on hours of social media content to distract us from real life. Often, we tend to feel as though we do not have enough time, vigour or freedom to get everything done. Gradually your responsibilities mount, and things get pushed aside, and your vision is slowly shoved out of sight under a false excuse of 'prioritising'.

An unfed mind devours itself.

Keep eating. Stay hungry.

I stopped eating, metaphorically of course, when I began delaying my plans for my brand/business. My store has been ready since March and it has taken me six months of pondering, fear and nerves to finally show the world what I have been working with. Procrastination held me back, excruciatingly. Don’t be a victim of the same poison.

Get into the habit of asking yourself “Does this support the life I am trying to create?”

Seriously guys. We are creating our lives every single day and whatever you are not changing you are CHOOSING.

What did your efforts PRODUCE? Working hard is cute, seeing results is even cuter.

So, the season of self.

Get selfish.

Get focused.

Get results.

On that note, I want to thank each and every one of you for reading: whether this is the first time or the fiftieth. You are a part of this movement and we are stepping it up a notch...

Get your coins ready as our online store is NOW LIVE!

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